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If your playing at a level of about 1500-1700 it's most likely that your opponent has got 3 earths and planing to rush for the middle tower.

This technique will work on 3 different elemental rushing techniques if the provided skills are applied
- A adept-expert technique of offensive and defensive kiting (crucial)
- Approximating ranges of different troops especially castle troops.
- a reasonable reaction time which will come in handy for evading fire projectiles.
- and maneuvering archers through melee units taking minimal damage

- For training on all these skills message Goofygoober at the dojo to make an appointment on fast and easy ways to learn and execute new techniques. "Are you a goofygoober?" Find out at the dojo (1-800-124-i'mready) Special appliances and services require a license must be 18 or older to order.

First thing you wanna do is buy one archer and one miner. you wont be needing another archer for a while if all things go as planned

now you want to read what strategy the enemy is using. if they happen to be rushing there are some indicators as to what units they will be using. If you see 3 earths then it's likely that they will spam earths and retreat damaged ones to return them to miners. It's very important that you don't let them do that. If they do manage to convert come earths then they will be easy targets for your archers. Manipulating earths is one of the easiest things to do. They have a slow attack speed and low range. Most time you can just run straight through them without taking a hit. But they load in 4 seconds and can increase in numbers very fast which will be a major problem for kiting them later on. They will most likely go for your miners if they see you have an archer. If they do they next thing you need to buy is a castle archer. once you've done that you need to let them feed on your miners while your archer blocks the way back to their base. So if they try to retreat a earth you can offensively kite him easily and not have to worry about your miners dying with the protection of a castle archer (which are op). once you've killed their 3 earths more will come. take the middle and wait for them it's likely that they will put them in groups of 3. keep kiting them and keep getting miners and let them waste their money on dead troops. If they dont attack again then good, you have the middle and gain the advantage of gaining a big economy faster. keep getting miners until you've got about 12-14 of them but get about 4 more archers in the process of all that.

-Dont show your army. See how long you can manage with one archer. Give the false image of your army and keep attacking and kiting with one archer since they will most likely have earths. This is important incase they decide to invade you. Hiding your army and making them think that they have progresed more than you will give them to confidance to attack you. Thats when you need to wait until they get to your base then pull out your army and demolish them. It's important that you keep pressure on the enemy. you can limit their economy by placing a archer out of reach to their castle air, but in reach to the miners in the second gold deposit. this will pressure them to attacking that archer, which is when you back him up and lead them back to your base with a castle archer and your army. Limiting their econemy with ranged units is extremly important so you can gain a economic advantage over them which basicly means your army will reach it's full faster while they dont have a proper army yet. which means you win...

-If they happen to have fires behind their eaths attacking your archers it's important to know some things about fires. Fires can deal burn damage which over time is a REAL pain in the ass. however the fire balls they shot disapear after a certain amount of distance. meaning if they shoot at your archers, back them up before the fire balls reach you and literally out run the fire balls. If you dont keep your distance with your archers they will get burned and you'll lose some. Another thing that makes order op, is archers range. Archers have more range than fires, and can out run their arrows/fireballs. Which in combination means that fires CANNOT offensively kite. So make sure never to offensively kite a fire without a meat shield, because they will get more shots off than you and you'll be the one thats dying. So if you have the provided skills above then the best option is to keep your archers at a distacne that is in range of the earths but not of the fires behind them.

-If their fires are infront of the earths you just need to be more careful about your distance between them. Always over judge the ammount of distance that fires have. Because if your too far away to fire at them then you can select all your archers and spam the g button to very slowly to decrease the distance between you and the fires. so that it's easy to stop when your archers are just in range but the fires aren't. thats when you need to kite the living hell out of their fires and kill as many as possible. Repeat this step until you gain control over the tower. Repeat again and gain control over the tower again and so on until you chip away at their army little by little

- It's not a bad idea to get a single spearton and keep him hugged against your archers so that if you are in range a bit then the spearton will block the fires. if you keep him to far away from your archers then their fires will just attack the spearton and your archers will be out of range to fire back.

-after you've gained control over the tower getting tower spawn is very important to keeping pressure on the enemy. tower spawn will serve as a meat shield so that your archers can get some shots off at their miners/army.

- After you've gained all these advantages over the enemy you should be able to invade them easily and destroy their tower. Hope this helps, a video demonstrating this technique will com out at February 27th approximately, as well as the official dojo training organization opening. Thanks allot and have a nice day
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This clan is dead. RIP Team Orgin, you managed to live 10 days. maybe next time...
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I advise you to leave this clan. It may seem cool being a leader, but what's the point if you have no members? My clan is Empires Throne.
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